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Invisalign® Special - Only $2899

Getting your best smile should be as comfortable and easy to do as getting a massage or a haircut. You shouldn’t have to deal with outdated offices, goopy impressions, inconvenient booking, or long wait times.

Dr. Ray breaks the mold of the traditional dental and orthodontic office to truly put your experience first. Dr. Ray’s customized and unique approach provides all patients with accessible pricing and safe, efficient treatment. With his 3 years of training in Master of Science degree in Orofacial Pain and TMJ from USC, he is equipped with the latest knowledge and information to make sure not only your teeth are straight and healthy but your jaw, TMJ, and overall facial health is optimized.

He offers several TMJ treatments, including bite, mouth guard, Appliance therapy, and Invisalign® TMJ therapy. After all, you deserve to love your smile and not have a difficult journey getting there!

You can get Invisalign® for only $2899 but wait, there's more!

Complimentary Invisalign Consultation: Want to see if Invisalign® is right for you? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Ray, and He’ll even display potential before and after results.

Too busy to come to our office, Use our virtual consultation feature on our website and we talk to you over the phone.

Free X-rays and Photos

  • Our iTero Scanner creates quick and painless impressions without the hassle of goopy molds. Plus, digital impressions provide precise results, leading to better-fitting trays.

Start Treatment Faster: With digital impressions, you’ll receive your aligners sooner. You can jump right into treatment!

All visits (mostly done virtually)

All Invisalign treatment

Teeth whitening, Enjoy a free gift of Raviance whitening System a patent brand and Dr. Ray’s company with a unique formulation that minimizes the sensitivity of your teeth, Equal or in most cases better than in-office whitening systems

Any necessary corrections

Includes retainers

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