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Meet Dr. Ray Besharati

Helping People through Gentle Dentistry

My patients place their trust in me, to provide them with the gentle care that improves their oral health and smile. I take that responsibility seriously and strive to exceed their expectations. Dentistry is not only about caring for teeth: it’s about strengthening someone’s dental health and, in turn, helping their body become healthier.

As a dentist, I have the ability to relieve a patient of dental pain and improve their quality of life. I can also restore function, which allows a person to eat comfortably. And I can make your smile even more beautiful, to increase your self-esteem and confidence.

My staff and I work hard to establish a partnership with each patient. We cannot make a lasting change in a person’s oral health without their participation. By focusing on education and preventive care, and offering plenty of support and encouragement, we help patients develop and keep a healthy smile.

My Team

My team is part of my family. Each person has been chosen following rigorous training and selection. We work exceedingly well together, and those connections are reflected in how we care for patients. We’re good-humored and good-natured, with a down-to-earth approach.

Education and Continuing Education

 I earned a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the prestigious Tufts University School of Dentistry in Boston. I’m a firm believer in continuing education: constantly expanding my skills and knowledge.

I have completed hundreds of hours in continuing education in general dentistry and aesthetics, including courses with Pankey institute in Florida. I finished my graduate certificate in oral pathology and oral radiology from USC. I also enrolled in three years of Master of science in oral medicine and TMJ disorder at USC that will grant me MS in TMJ and oral disease. Recently I published my first book of an upcoming series, Concise Guide to Clinical Dentistry.
I am currently serving as an Editorial Board Member at the Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences.

I have always wanted to make dentistry safer, faster, and more effective. By combining my experience with innovative dental technologies, we came up with breakthrough professional techniques, and sleek, sophisticated at-home consumer and professional teeth whitening treatments. Our Brand, Raviance teeth whitening System is a trademarked system with FDA registered device for teeth whitening, with this system; you can achieve professional whitening at the comfort of your home. This system uses the same technology that dentists use in the office.  

Oral healthcare is an evolving field. New technologies, materials, and techniques all mean a better treatment experience and stronger results for my patients. By completing continuing education courses, and attending lectures, seminars, and meetings, I ensure I remain at dentistry’s leading edge.


Personal Life

When he’s not in his office, Dr. Ray is training for Triathlon. He is also an avid audiophile, enjoys Vinyl records, and continuously searches for new records in different places. He Has a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do and practices Martial Arts.



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