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Special Offers in Issaquah, WA

$2899 Invisalign

You can get Invisalign® for only $2899  but wait, there's more!

1-Complimentary Invisalign Consultation: Want to see if Invisalign® is right for you? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Ray, and He’ll even display potential before and after results.

2-Too busy to come to our office, Use our virtual consultation feature on our website and we talk to you over the phone.

3-Free X-rays and Photos

4-Our iTero Scanner creates quick and painless impressions without the hassle of goopy molds. Plus, digital impressions provide precise results, leading to better-fitting trays.

5-Start Treatment Faster: With digital impressions, you’ll receive your aligners sooner. You can jump right into treatment!

6-All visits (mostly done virtually)

7-All Invisalign treatment

8-Teeth whitening, Enjoy a free gift of Raviance Whitening System a patent brand and Dr. Ray’s company with a unique formulation that minimizes the sensitivity of your teeth, Equal or in most cases better than in-office whitening systems

9-Any necessary corrections

10-Includes retainers


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